The First, and Foremost University Radio Station in Nigeria; Expanding The Frontiers of Knowledge!
Our Vision

To play the Leading role in Community Development and Social Change, in order to facilitate sustainable human development in Nigeria, and the world in general.

2013/2014 Orientation Program for freshmen on Wed 12-Mar-14, by 8:30am @ Main Auditorium. ***** Prof. Grace O. Otinwa will give the 1st Inaugural lecture for the 2013/2014 session on "One cause, Many Crises: The Kinetic Interpretation of Wellness" on Wed.19-Mar-14 @ the UNILAG Main Auditorium.***** Students who are interested in Work-Study program and on a CGPA of 2.50 & above should/ are to register at the Work-Study office, Counselling Unit, Bookshop Building, from Monday 10th to Friday 21st Mar 2014.****


Our Mission

þ To optimize instructional and educational opportunities available to Nigerians (and other Nationals in Nigeria) in order to facilitate sustainable human development in Nigeria,

þ To Serve as an authoritative channel of instructional and educational programmes for tertiary level students and other adults seeking knowledge in order to improve themselves,

þ To provide opportunities for schools to engage in appropriate research that can advance the knowledge and practice of Radio Broadcasting and Communication.