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The First, and Foremost University Radio Station in Nigeria; Expanding The Frontiers of Knowledge!

Our Programmes

The University of Lagos has an average student population of about 35,000 students who are mostly youths.

Deliberate effort has therefore been made to ensure that Unilag Radio is the nation’s trusted and authoritative source
of news and information for the youth

Many of our Programmes are also educational or instructional in nature this explains why our slogan is ‘Expanding
the Frontiers of knowledge’ most of our programs are participatory during which the listener can ask questions
and/or make comments on the issue at hand. This makes most of them spontaneous and interesting.


    These are a mix bag of magazine, features documentaries, discussion, and talk Programmes on social, political
    and economic issues

    Matters Arising (Friday 10:10am)
    A current affairs Programme, during which experts and important personalities are interview on issues in and
    around Nigeria.

    Know your Constitution (Wednesday 12:15pm):
    A Programme designed to enlighten listeners on the various aspects of the constitution and good governance
    experts mostly lawyers are invited to throw light on the aspects of the 1999 constitution with reactions from
    the listeners.

    Africa in Progress (Tuesday 11:30am)
    A 30 minutes Programme which explore topics of interest for the entire African continent. These are discussions and
    in-depth interviews with Africans at home and in the Diaspora

    Nature’s Cardinals (Tuesday 6:30pm):
    This Programme set to educate the listener on the very science of his being and environment. The major subject
    matter that are dealt with are ‘Human-related’ ‘Animal-related’, Plant-related and: Inanimate’.

    Financial Matters (Thursday 11am):
    This educates the general public on different aspect of the financial sector and the different challenges and

    On The Road (Friday 4:30pm):
    There is an increase in the number of vehicles on our roads. Some of them have the latest technology. But how many
    people know how to carry out basic maintenance, know the basic dos and don'ts, or even obey road signs. These
    are some of the issues that are addressed in this Programme.

    Down Memory Lane (Saturday 7:30pm):
    As the title suggests, this Programme takes us way back in history. It informs and educates the listener on the glorious
    days of the island called Lagos. The listener will therefore discover the importance of Lagos in the history of Nigeria

    Ladder to Success (Monday 11:00am):
    A Programme aimed at stirring up the spirit of entrepreneurship in Nigeria Youths, instead of going from office to
    office in search of jobs that are not there.

    Tax Matters (Tuesday 11:15):
    The Lagos State Government is on a tax revenue drive, paying taxis ones civil responsibility. Why should you pay
    tax, and what is it used for. For answers listen to “Tax Matters”.


    Science World:
    This seeks to explore science in all its ramifications and to show the relevance of science to socio-economic
    development of both the community and nation at large. Resource persons are drawn mainly from the

    Children's Educational Programmes (Saturday 9:30am - 11am):
    Saturday Mornings are devoted to primary and secondary school children. We have ‘English for school children”,
    French for school children “, Basic Mathematics”, “Children’s parliament ‘. And teens forum”.

    Distance Learning Institute (DLI) (Mondays to Fridays 8:00pm):



    News Broadcast (Monday – Saturday 6am, 10am, 12noon, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm):
    The major news of the day is the 5 ’O’ clock news which features world and community news.

    News Analysis:
    An in-depth analysis of the issue of the day. It comes up immediately after the 5 ‘O’ clock news.

  3. QUIZ

    Play Radio (Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1pm):
    An entertainment quiz programme mainly on current affairs and general knowledge. Winners have a chance of
    winning prizes.

    Kobo or bobo show (Saturday 4pm):
    Another Entertainment quiz programme during which the listener guess a true or false answer.


    Health Focus (Thursday 1pm):
    An educational Programme on various diseases and health-related conditions. Resource persons are mainly drawn
    from the medical centre, University of Lagos.

    Doctor in the house (Tuesday 12:10pm): 
    This is a health magazine Programme with a unique style. It is put together by lecturers of the University teaching
    hospital. It entails tit bits, news tips on healthy living and focus on different ailments.

    Fitness and lifestyle (Thursday 6:00pm):
    Coping with day to day survival involves so much stress. Most times this is as a result of bad habits. “Fitness and
    lifestyle” educates the listener on the do’s and don’ts of keeping healthy on a day to day basis.

    Gourmet Guide with Lydia (Thursday 3:30pm):
    Nigeria is blessed with a wide variety of foods, which include vegetables and fruits. In this Programme Lydia
    take the listener through different menus. She also gives a guide on the nutritional value of foods and what a
    balanced diet should be.



    Nigerians are great sports lovers. Therefore we keep our listeners up to date with all local
    and international sport events, through our various sport Programmes.

    Sports Report (Monday – Friday at 7:15am)

    Sports panorama (Monday 6:00pm)

    Road map to championship league finale (Tuesday 6:00pm and Wednesday 3:30pm)

    Unveiling the next stars (Friday 5:30pm):
    This is a Programme on grassroots sports

    Sunday Sports (Sunday 6:00pm)



    Being a campus station with the youth and young at heart. Within the campus and its environs as our target
    audience. Unilag 103.1 FM has a mixed bag of Programmes directed at this important segment of the

    Wata-gwan (Wednesday 6:00pm):
    A pot-pourri of music, entertainment news, tit bits on lifestyle and positive behaviour.

    Flava (Wednesday 7:30pm):
    Lively and informative magazine Programme that focuses on HIV/AIDS and related health issues, spiced with
    music and interviews with celebrities

    YEAH (Youth Education AIDS and HIV) (Thursday 7:30pm):
    The Programme creates awareness on AIDS and HIV and seeks how to effect behavioural change amongst the

    Mass Link (Saturday 2:15pm):
    A magazine show produced and present by students of mass communication department. Focus is on social issues,
    health, fashion and positive behaviors.

    The Counselor (Wednesday 10:00pm):
    A live Programme with a professional counselor who listens to listeners’ problems and questions and give
    professional advice on all issues bothering them.



    It is station to listen to for upcoming Nigerian artistes. Our station features various genres of music ranging from
    the popular Hip-Hop (a favorite with all youths) to indigenous music and classical music.

    (a) Afro-Beat (Monday-2:10pm)

    (b) Old School (Tuesday 3:00pm, Wednesday 2:10pm)

    (c) Back Track (Thursday 2:10pm)

    (d) Top 10 count down (Friday 6:00pm)

    (e) Ital sounds (Reggae music) (Friday 8:30pm)

    (f) Niger Top 10 (Saturday 11:30am)

    (g) Back in Track with Bukky (Saturday 12:30)

    (h) Sounds of African (Sunday 12 noon)

    (i) Best of “Jazz” (Sunday 2:00pm)

    (j) Request line (Sunday 8:30pm)

    (k) In the soul of music (Sunday 11:00pm)



    Islam and you (Friday 12:10pm):
    A Program for our Muslim listeners. It covers all aspects of Islam.

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